These are difficult times.  Being on Earth, incarnate, isn’t easy. There is much opportunity for misunderstanding to take place, and for it to weigh heavily upon the soul. There is also more opportunity to have hope. In the spirit of the UFO messages which were given in binary (if you watched Linda’s video yesterday–or even our Ancient Aliens episode from last night)–I have given a message about forgiveness in code in the title, one that was taught to us by a most amazing teacher, thousands of years ago…

We don’t have the ability to walk in the shoes of another. Even if we are empaths in a big way, there is always a little something we might not catch, a nuance, a memory that was hidden. Everyone must be taken at face value for having intentions that are good. (The ASSC is another story, we will get to them in a bit). For example, Anthony’s old basketball coach is currently, um, ‘Urban Camping’. But we keep in touch. He sends me footage of things, with the latest race stuff. Some of it is horrifying. I’ve seen a man get dragged under a huge semi tractor-trailer truck, like an eighteen wheeler.  The latest one was a cop-victim scene where a man had a paint gun and someone said it looked like a rifle, and the police told the man and his friend to lie on their belly in the hotel lobby. There was something about it, something too intense, and I couldn’t watch.  My self-preservation kicked in. I explained gently to him that I get nightmares easily, and I couldn’t watch. I feel deeply for the plight, and and pray to Jesus constantly for the world to improve.  He didn’t understand exactly. He apologized, though. So I explained even more gently to him, that I suffer from PTSD, and there’s some things I just can’t watch without setting it off, and that’s why. I choose not to explain this or share it with most people, but I felt he needed to know. He has a degree, a Master’s degree, in addiction psychology/medicine. Then is clicked. He totally ‘got it’.  Now we are back on an even footing. The energy is right.

Forgiveness is our Super Power. It really is. It is the starting place for all Spiritual Development. You can’t climb up a mountain without the right equipment and starting at the beginning of the right trail. Instead of looking at these

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