As the mother of two girls, I do my best to keep them as healthy as I can. I try to provide nutritious meals (although they don’t always eat them) and make sure they get plenty of exercise. I also incorporate probiotics into their daily routine. Here’s why.

Probiotics promote good digestive health

Since my youngest daughter was a toddler, she has struggled with constipation. I personally believe this is a result of the many courses of antibiotics she was given during her early years to address recurring ear infections.

Antibiotics work to by flushing out the bad bugs causing the infection, but they don’t discriminate. They also flush out the good guys the digestive needs to work. Without that good flora, you can be more prone to digestive issues like irregularity and constipation.

Probiotics help restore a healthy balance of good bacteria in the digestive system so it can run smoothly. That means less straining and more regularity—a true blessing for my daughter who has had to deal with constipation for so long.

My girls are still too young to take pills, so I mix a probiotic powder into their drinks or food. One thing to keep in mind is that heat can kill active bacteria. So, you don’t want to mix a probiotic in with hot foods.

Boost immune system health

A few years ago, I learned of a probiotic strain that had been tested in children and found to reduce the incidences of strep throat[1] [2] and other viral infections. As I mentioned earlier, my youngest daughter is prone to ear infections, so this research really got my attention.

The strain is called S. salivarius K12 and I started giving my girls one lozenge of the probiotic each day. The lozenge just dissolves in their mouth, so they don’t have to worry about swallowing a big pill.

In the three years they’ve been taking it, my youngest daughter has had just one ear infection. Even better, I can count on one hand the number of times my girls have missed school due to illness. In fact, the first year my older daughter took K12, she had perfect attendance the entire school year.

Probiotics support vaginal and urinary health

When my oldest daughter was about 7 years-old, I noticed that she was itching “down there” quite a bit. It was summer and I just thought she was a bit sweaty. But then cooler weather set in, and the itching

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By: Dick Benson
Title: 3 Reasons Why I Give My Kids Probiotics
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Published Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2020 19:41:11 +0000

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