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The first advice I would give is to TRUST YOURSELF. It is easy to think you’re not really doing it or perhaps what you felt was just your imagination. Energy healing is like muscle-building;  flex those Reiki ‘muscles’ regularly and get the energy flow strongand then you’ll know for sure that you’re really doing it. I loved practicing Reiki on the houseplants after I passed Reiki 1, it helped me to tune in to their energies and notice the range of energies different plants have. It completely changed the way I view plant life and how I treat my houseplants.

Secondly, don’t try too hard because tension blocks the flow. The more you relax and play with it, the easier it becomes. It is common in the early days to try to ‘do’ Reiki only to discover that residual stress, tension, mood and mental state will stop you from getting into the flow properly. Once you notice it, it is easier to teach yourself to let go ‘on demand’ and tune in more deeply. Remembering the Reiki principals “Just for today….” and repeating it often really helps too.

Finally, enjoy some treatments from a variety of practitioners at different levels. Since I started Reiki I have explored a range of energy healing modalities and learned so much more than just sticking to one particular style. By experiencing different approaches and talking to other Reiki practitioners about their experiences, you’ll get a better sense of where you would like to take your own practice.

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By: anna
Title: 3 Tips To Consider When Starting A Reiki Practice
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Published Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020 05:05:42 +0000

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