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1. Trust, practice and embrace The Reiki principles

The principle; “Just for today I do my work honestly”, reminds the healer that it is Reiki and the recipient that does the healing. It is the healer’s position to be of clear mind and heart, opening their channel to Reiki for the recipient to access. Reiki has its own intelligence it will go where ever it is needed. Trust in the higher intelligence of Reiki!

2. Be of clear mind

Healers are natural givers. However, when giving healings let Reiki do the work. The Recipient’s higher-self and free will receive whatever they need or are ready for at that moment. Avoid any temptation to feel responsible for your recipient’s outcome or ‘fix’ a problem.

3. Keep your energy clean

Ensure all blankets and pillows are clean. Bubble yourself in white light before every treatment. then bubble your recipient’s energy in white light. Now bubble both of you in light blue light and intend that the healing be given for the highest good of all. This is a simple and very effective psychic protection technique.

4. Remember to receive Reiki!

Giving Reiki to yourself and receiving from others is very important. It reminds you of how simple yet powerfully supportive Reiki healing is and keeps your own energy balanced.

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