Living well, practicing self-care for your mind, body and soul and staying healthy will always have our vote.  That is why we just love the products in this gift guide: functional, creative, joyful, light-hearted, fun!  Take a look and see eight of the best, most creative gifts we could find for all the mindful, health and fitness enthusiasts out there!


Ceremony Kit

Whether celebrating a marriage or mourning the loss of a loved one, using a LIFEHONEY Ceremony Kit helps embrace life’s monumental moments. Each beautiful gift includes a 25-piece kit + mindfulness course. As an Anthropologist, Founder Robin Sol saw an incredible need for people to give meaningful gifts that didn’t just wilt or get eaten, but helped people embrace the most significant transitions in their lives. At this time of global upheaval—with its social, health and economic implications, our gifts help us navigate (and even celebrate) these uncertain times. When life brings you change, make lifehoney!

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By: Yoga Digest
Title: 8 Wellness and Fitness Gifts We Love Right Now
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Published Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2020 03:39:27 +0000

Holistic News Team
Holistic News Team
Anna Benning - Social Media Manager for Holistic News Live. Self taught naturopathy remedies, herb gardening, yoga, and meditation

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