The other day I had an argument with Ross. It was a love-based, respect-filled major difference of opinion. I was laughing as I cussed and explained my point, because I was really, really sick of the status quo.  All I wanted to do was go to a beach and enjoy the water. I didn’t care what beach, it could be any beach. But Ross said it had to be the right beach.  I couldn’t understand why there were so many people all over the beaches this weekend, even so many that the state closed all the beaches down. Even the local state beach we were turned away from the kiosk and had to turn around.  Ross gently explained that for some people who live far away, this is their only time to go to the beach for them. They drive all day. That’s why it’s so very crowded. Furthermore he added, I am lucky to live so near so I can go any day I want to go.  That’s when I really got upset with Ross. Over the people. There are so many! They are all brainwashed! They put plastic into the oceans and kill the fish! I’m all for the mountains and the oceans and the animals and Nature. People don’t care about nature. So if I have to pick one over the other, well…HE’S the one who was all about the people in the beginning. Not me. He showed me my pre-birth contract, in writing, saying, ‘I think it would be nice to give humanity the awakening and the consciousness’.   I exclaimed, ‘I CHANGED MY MIND!!!’ And he said, a deal is a deal… He knew I really meant it. But I watch and see how he shows me after discussions like this. We found a beautiful parking spot at one of the few open beaches. The surf was really high, there was a swell. He had told me earlier to bring peanut butter and jelly and bread to make sandwiches. I brought nectarines too. Two clear plastic unbreakable glasses, and a gallon of water.  It was a wonderful day. I came home feeling very calm, and healthy–I could tell I’d made lots of vitamin D with my skin.  I watched the movie MAGNETIC with Anthony. It was my second time and his first, and I really enjoyed it. We’d like to go watch at Nazare with the huge giant waves by the lighthouse. Yesterday we heard that the waves were twenty feet tall at the Wedge. So we drove there but got lost because Balboa Island was very crowded with cars and people everywhere. We went home and I took a nap. But then it was time to visit my sister. She had been working for the day but would be home at four. We bought fireworks, because her town has them and ours doesn’t. Every year we go. Anthony gets very excited. Ours aren’t like the ones in Switzerland that are really fun! He had a blast with his ‘brother’ running around and blowing everything up last year. We still talk about it. It’s so green in Switzerland in summer they don’t

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By: Reiki Doc
Title: A Beautiful Feeling
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Published Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2020 17:37:00 +0000

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