A reader yesterday, a dear one in India who has undergone lots of grief and loss, asked us to write. We haven’t written in forever, and a higher perspective would be appreciated. I promised to write today. We write every day, or at least, every few days. We never stopped. Information is weaponized. You can’t put a link to this blog anywhere on FB or Insta. I am cautious when it comes to TwitR. So I don’t place it up there. We are now on Parler, as @reikidoc. On Twitter we are @usui2102. There’s someone else who is @reikidoc there.   So first of all, if you go to www.reikidoc.blogspot.com, you will always find us.  Until something like what happened to KP happens. I’ll tell you more on him later. Highest perspective is, we are deep in the trenches, everything is committed to the final end point, and  all hands are on deck. Your assignment, if you don’t have anything else superseding it–is at a bare minimum to be loving to everyone at all times in everything you do, including being loving to yourself. We are not doormats. That was the point of yesterday’s blog post. The one who wanted to go home early day before yesterday, and I said no, gave me a smirk but I could tell she respected me. Some people only understand NO and negativity and pain. By standing my ground, she got the message that I am not a patsy, and I have things to do. I remember the times she’s said no, which are many, and fair is fair. Emotionally, at work, that was hand-to-hand combat over how my life was going to be for my birthday.  Second, Ross wants you to understand and really soak it in, that when I am Home without a body, I’m equal to him. In every way. Not that I like to think about it, I’m always pointing to Him. With all my heart. I’m okay being ‘Stage Crew’ and in the background. Here, and everywhere. It’s not my thing. But when it’s advice that’s needed, and this reader was asking for advice, I think it’s fair enough to raise the point that when Ross seeks advice, I am and have always been one of his trusted ones where he can find it. I’ll tell you what I think, and I think in detail and depth. I use my heart and mind working together when I give advice and I package it in a way I think the person asking for it can best receive it.  Third, facts don’t lie. And the Schumann resonance frequency is something measurable. This blog itself has been gutted, technically. I can’t do what I used to do before, and it takes twice the time because of their new ‘platform’. It’s clunky, I have lots of trouble putting in video links that are pictures you click. They might open on a laptop, but not on a phone. And inserting them is really a pain.  Kauilapele’s blog, the one that inspired me, on WordPress, just vanished overnight. The link provided

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Title: A Higher Perspective?
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Holistic News Team
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