Ross is going to speak as promised earlier. And I woke up with a story that seems important since there is emphasis on intention and oaths at the focus of the story. Furthermore, here is a new Schumann Resonance and a new Gaia Portal.

One day I was a surgery medical student on rotation with the Chair of our department, Dr. Moosa. He was from Mauritius. He was running his clinic in his office. We would follow around him like an entourage.

Curiously, a Korean businessman was to be seen. He was very kind, and gave Dr. Moosa an expensive tie as a gift. It appeared to be their custom. The man had taken a flight all the way over the Pacific Ocean.

He then said, in perfect English, that he understood that Dr. Moosa was an excellent surgeon, and he would like to have his opinion for his painful condition. I noticed that the man wasn’t sitting he was standing as he was talking to Dr. Moosa.

Dr. Moosa was one of the leading pancreatic surgeons of his time. This is a ‘foregut’ surgeon. He would do gallbladders, stomach surgeries, and once even a hernia repair for a high-ranking official of UCSD. 

The businessman had hemorrhoids. Bad. He wanted relief.

I think he had even given Dr. Moosa a nice pen like a Mont Blanc pen too, along with the tie.

He was desperate.

Dr. Moosa didn’t even examine the man.

He told him no, take fiber supplements to keep the stool soft, and not to come back. 

I’ve never seen anyone so rude. And I’ve never seen anyone ‘take it’ like that patient. 

How could someone needing help be turned away?

Couldn’t a colorectal surgery colleague have been given? If Dr. Moosa didn’t want to do hemorrhoids. It’s a tricky surgery. It’s super painful. And if you do it wrong, a paper thin layer next to an important muscle, and the muscle gets cut, then the patient is incontinent of stool for life. 

Or, perhaps, if Dr. Moosa suspected the patient had cirrhosis from Hepatitis B, which is often passed in Asia from parent to child…at least it was back then…then hemorrhoids can’t be fixed. They are from back -pressure in the liver blood flow due to scarring in the liver.

I don’t know.

What it appeared was that Dr. Moosa was enjoying his power and wielding it in front of the medical students to humiliate that patient. 

What happened to his Hippocratic Oath? Was he doing no harm? What about psychological harm? What lesson was he teaching us, his students?

What was his intention? 

Was it okay?

I’m sure he would justify it. At the time, after the patient left, all of us were like, WHAT WERE  YOU DOING TO THAT POOR MAN??? And he wouldn’t answer our questions. He just brushed us off

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