This is a vision I had from a meditation where I went to Zadkiel’s Temple. Before me was a vast space, a circular one, lined with seats all up and down the sides of it. The angle was sharp, you had to climb up a lot. If’ you’ve ever been to the Forum where the Lakers used to play long time ago, it’s kind of like that, only there’s no basketball court or floor, only open space and the stars. Ross saved me a seat.  Ours was like a bench, an upholstered bench for two people, and I sat on his left. All of a sudden, out of the space below, swirled up thousands and thousands of white butterflies, so many that they looked like confetti. I’m not sure what happened after the butterflies, or if there was music, there was just this…ENERGY that was of excitement and festivity and completion. This circular space was vast, very vast, and next I knew, I saw something coming down from heaven. It looked like one of these things:

You know where you sit and get a panoramic view and it goes up the sky tower thing, and it rotates? Well it was like they were coming down to look at us! I saw windows, floor to ceiling, and people, who were from Heaven. They were excited, very excited to see us. Their hands were pressing on the glass and tapping the glass and smiling and waving at all of us. The thing they were in was massive, very huge, and I sensed modern technology I didn’t know had built it. It was coming down with all the safety and precision of one of these rides. I couldn’t hear the people. But it was a super important event, and Ross was very proud and pleased and excited for all of us to see it. Our side, was quiet, probably overwhelmed a little, and taking it all in.  Ross wanted me to share this vision with you. clap! clap! Aloha and Mahalos,Namaste,Peace, Ross and CarlaThe Couple

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Title: A Session With A Council
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Published Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2020 13:54:00 +0000

Holistic News Team
Holistic News Team
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