As I move slowly and carefully through times of change, I have come to the conclusion that days, any day, all days, are special in their own way.

The people who surround us, are placed there for a reason.

The kindnesses they show us, are like works of art in a beautiful movie of our consciousness.

A cousin called me yesterday, and he said he knows the pain, it isn’t fun, and his thoughts are with me. He said nice things about mom. And he said the toughest part is it’s so final. There isn’t any ‘five more minutes’ or ‘just a second’ it’s just final. 

All of us juggle with that concept. 

That’s why all of our days are so special. 

There is a ‘never again’ quality to them.

As you may know, mom wasn’t the greatest cook. So we have been going from one fast food place to another in memory of her for our meals. The Travis Scott meal was the latest one. it’s from Mc Donald’s and is the latest ‘thing’. You go and tell them ‘Cactus Jack sent you’. They will give you a quarter pounder with bacon, french fries with barbecue sauce for dipping them, and a Sprite lemon-lime soda.  I ordered in in Drive Thru and sounded like a total mom, and really embarrassed Anthony, but it was fun.

Last night, I actually cooked a meal. I’m not up to lots in the kitchen but we had bought things recently. 

So I put in one pan, cut up peppers and onions and placed five Italian sausages over them. No olive oil. And in another pain, one leg of lamb (small), no seasoning.  In a third pan, I placed one of our spaghetti squashes, cut into halves and the seeds removed. 

For dessert it was fresh pineapple.

I had some of my honey dandelion mead–it’s actually aging better in the fridge. There’s just perhaps one bottle left. 

I got a bunch of kale for the bunny. And all three of us ate and watched YouTube videos together. We were lucky to be home, together, and have a little free time. 

Here we are in the middle of a pandemic, in perhaps the most insane political times of our lives, doing our best to just live our lives and make the most of it. 

That’s why every day is special.


What Carla is skirting around, and what I shall say directly, is to appreciate life as you know it, because you never know when it will be the last for one of your or the other, or that massive change may be right around the corner.

Experience your joy.

It is there for the taking, for the enjoyment, for the loving energy, for the sustenance and for the support.

Yesterday Carla ate for breakfast Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s breakfast cereal. Anthony had said it was ‘too pumpkiny’ but Carla thought it was appropriate. She didn’t have

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Holistic News Team
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