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You know those annoying thoughts that keep popping into your head, the crap stuff that’s neither healthy nor helpful. Stuff you don’t set out to think about but as soon as you have a moment or empty space in your mind up they pop and set about making themselves at home. The experts on such matters will tell you it’s your fault for thinking them, and this is true but only to a certain extent. There comes a point when thoughts continually given head room establish themselves as a pattern, and a pattern is simply a habit waiting it’s turn. The problem we have is every time this happens we get annoyed and feel guilty at not being able to control our thinking, which is totally understandable. What we don’t realise is control is much easier when you have knowledge and understanding of the situation and you see the whole crap thinking process for what it is.

Regardless of the content, the pattern is an established vibrational frequency you have laid down over time. You are literally laying down a grove for your energy to follow, but if we are not careful the grove can become a rut and we all know how hard it is to try and get out of a rut once it becomes established. The more you do something the easier it becomes and experience often leads to complacency and we click into autopilot. The autopilot engaged, we switch off and allow our mind to wander or focus on other stuff. The hands are busy and the mind is left to its own devices and so it follows the path of least resistance and flows through the channels created by old residual thought patterns.

Primarily the ability to think allows us to focus on what we already know, but a thought or vibration can’t exist independently of the outside world. This leads to thoughts being associated with or connected to external experiences and these act as triggers to the established patterns. It can be something as simple as a routine; a memory, a place, a person or even a sound or smell that acts as a subconscious trigger to the initiating thought pattern. The trigger does it’s job and out of the blue the pattern appears as if by magic. Guilt isn’t compulsory; it’s a personal choice usually based on conditioning and a learned response. The thing with guilt is it’s toxic and by nature of its negativity serves no useful purpose, and like all things toxic it tends to poison the person holding on to it. One of the other down sides is if we continually feel guilty about an established pattern it has the opposite effect to what you may think.

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Title: All Your Patterns Have an Expiry Date if You Know where To Look
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Published Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2020 05:05:18 +0000

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