Each white peak is a beat of our combined wings to FREEDOM. Look here at the Schumann Resonance. That space between your ears, belongs to YOU. Fight for it. Celebrate it. Link it to your Heart, which is always connected to Heaven.  There is nothing on earth stronger than the Heart and Mind working together as a team. Here is one example, from a professor who has chosen to speak out, on conscience–and anonyminity–because there is a very real risk to their job. Full letter here please read it. I’m so proud to be a graduate of the same university where this professor is–and to be carrying on the same tradition of independent thought to share it with you in these difficult times. Let the sounds and the activities others are taking in the awakening–let it wash over you. You didn’t cause it. You can’t cure it. When Spirit nudges you, speak out, like this woman here:  powerful five minute video from a police officer on her way to work. If this article inspires you, to think outside the box, then perhaps you also might enjoy this, it’s optional and like all of our articles, entirely up to you to read:  Someone’s results on research on contemporary events and the planning that went into them. Last, we would like to leave you with a mystery…why this article on the seven spirits of God is only found on DuckDuckGo and this Wiki article is recommended on the more ‘standard’ search engine. They don’t actually say the same thing. This is to get you some practice in critical thinking. Until tomorrow…. Clap! clap! Aloha and Mahalos,Namaste,Peace, Ross and CarlaThe Friends, best Friends, who enjoy their Freedom

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Title: Always Be Free
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Holistic News Team
Holistic News Team
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