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“Believing in inner truth means having deep faith that the ten billions Buddha-lands (worlds) are in reality not outside our Mind.” — Patriarch Ou-I

To the newcomer to Mahayana Buddhism, or particularly Pure Land Buddhism, Amitabha (Amita or Amida) and his Pure Land of Sakhavati can be confusing. What do we mean by Pure Land? Is it a metaphor? Or, is this like the Christian heaven? Isn’t Buddhism supposed to be a logical, self-directed path to Enlightenment? Understanding Amitabha Sutra requires an understanding of “absolute reality” and “Buddha Nature.” [Note: full Amitabha Sutra in English at end of this feature.]


Amitabha Buddha surrounded by Enlightened Beings in Sukhavati, the Western Pure Land.


Not inside, not outside

Patriarch Ou-I wrote:

“The true essence of all the Great Vehicle (Mahayana) scriptures is Absolute Reality itself. What is Absolute Reality? It is the Pure Mind of sentient Beings. This mind is not inside, not outside, and not in between. It is not past, not present, and not future.”

In the same way, we could say Amitabha and Sukhavati Pure Land are “not inside, not outside, and not in between… not past, not present… not future.” Modern Buddhists tend to say, not a place out there” but rather, a place “within.”  Since we all have “Buddha Nature” within, we all have Amitabha and His Pure Land within.


Shakyamuni Buddha describes the Western Paradise, Amitabha’s Sukhavati Pure Land (from an animated feature: video plays below.)


There is a saying: “If you are looking for the Pure Land, don’t look for it out there. You’ll find it in your heart.” — paraphrasing Professor Takamaro Shigaraki. (Note: heart equates to “Mind” in Buddhism, generally) [1]

Patriarch Ou-I concluded:

“Thus the one who speaks the sutra and the one who is spoken of, the Buddhas that can deliver sentient beings and the sentient beings who are delivered, the ability to believe and that which is believed in, the ability to take vows and that which is vowed, the ability to concentrate on the Buddha-name and the Buddha-name which is

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By: Lee Kane
Title: Amitabha Sutra: cutting delusions with one-pointed blissful contemplation of Amitabha Buddha and the Pure Land
Sourced From: buddhaweekly.com/amitabha-sutra-cutting-delusions-one-pointed-blissful-contemplation-amitabha-buddha-pure-land/
Published Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 22:47:31 +0000

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