Several years ago talk show host Michael Feldman of the NPR show “Whad’Ya Know” was interviewing author and The New York Times columnist Patricia Marks. Marks said she paid a lot of money for someone to teach her to meditate and the experience was awful. She said she hates meditation. Feldman agreed. He said, “I’m a terrible meditator.” He said he learned “the thousand petal meditation, and not one petal opened.” Presumably neither Feldman nor Marks has since tried a different meditation technique because of their bad experience. Others, however, don’t have difficulty meditating and see benefits quickly. So, is the problem the person or the meditation program?

Calm, Headspace, Breathe, Mindfulness, TM: Are Any of Them the Right Meditation?

Is it appropriate to say one meditation practice is better than another or the right meditation for you? This is a good question. If we look at meditation as a religious practice or something based on faith, then it would be inappropriate for anyone to tell you to take up a different faith or religion. But if we look at meditation as a technique, as a technology to improve the way our brains and bodies are functioning, then it is appropriate to make comparisons and choose the technology that works best for this result. And that is how we should look at meditation. Almost no one who starts any meditation thinks it is a religion. So, is there a best or right meditation practice?

If you look on the internet, you’ll find many writers saying that there are no rules about how to meditate. Just find one you like. They say you should expect meditation to be difficult, but sit there and do it, and eventually there will be benefits. Is this good advice? Is it really so difficult to practice meditation and get practical benefits? What makes meditation difficult for many people is the technique that is generally used. Many techniques involve either concentrating on an object or focusing on or monitoring something, for example the heartbeat, the breath, or a sensation in the body. But if that’s the goal, it’s going to be difficult because the mind wanders as we know all too well.

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By: Jay Marcus
Title: Are You a Terrible Meditator and Can You Fix the Problem?
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Published Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 01:24:58 +0000

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