It’s a doubt we’ve all been through… There’s this calling to support the healing process of others and the world itself through our innate gifts but something might hold us back and make us fear our contribution thinking we can pick up energies that do not belong to us, energies that may disturb our energy field, the ones we love and even our life’s path.

Understand how the energy of Reiki really works when it comes to karma and karmic doubts of those we heal with the following perspectives provided by valuable Reiki Masters of our community.

Question from Tarra Singh:

“When we carry out healing on someone are we not interfering with their karmic account and thus taking on their karma onto ourselves?”

nswer from Phoenix Fenegan, is an interesting question. It would indeed seem that since the energies of the Reiki practitioner and client intermingle during a Reiki session and that the term ‘healing’ is synonymous with Reiki (indicating a possible easy removal of karmic dis-ease) that it would perhaps be possible for karma to be interfered with or transferred. But it is not the case.

Let’s start with a firm understanding of how the energy of Reiki really works. Reiki is the only impartial decider on whether a person’s karma can be shifted, cleared or left as it is for now. Reiki cannot be commanded or coerced by a force of human will, it is universal life energy and comes from the Creator.

As a Reiki practitioner, we are not capable of interfering with someone’s karma, we can only channel the Reiki energy and it will decide what to do. No matter our good intentions, the energy goes where it is needed and not necessarily where we think it should.

As a practitioner, by keeping our own energy clear and in good order, we prevent the taking on of anyone else’s energies, karmic or otherwise. It is important to not attach ourselves to any desired outcome of the Reiki treatment session as our clients are on their own healing journey. If you are in any doubt whether giving Reiki is a good idea to a particular individual, meditate on it and follow your intuition.

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Title: Ask RMT – Can We Interfere with Our Client’s Karma?
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