With so many uncertainties lingering in this new Covid-19 environment that the entire world is faced with, most people are feeling a heightened level of vulnerability to do everyday things that were once taken for granted. Picking up food and household items at the grocery store, going to the post office, dining out or even a family walk to the park spikes anxiety and fear of becoming another statistic of this viral-beast pandemic. For the 23.5 million people with autoimmune disease, the risk is of even greater concern, with many keeping completely quarantined to date.

Although numbers, information and directives on how to protect ourselves against Covid-19 change on a daily basis, there’s one thing that most experts seem to agree on: this virus is not going away any time soon, we are simply flattening the curve. As businesses begin to open back up and people prepare to re-enter the workplace, they should not let their guard down. This is especially important for the most vulnerable, including those with autoimmunity (AI).

In addition to continuing social distancing, the key thing for those with AI is to manage triggers that can cause worsening of their immune system dysregulation and autoimmunity flare up. The following tips can help guard your immune system in preparation for returning to the workplace and the public forum in general:

Keep your gut healthy

The health and integrity of the intestinal barrier is vital for those with AI. If the intestinal barrier gets compromised, a broad variety of inflammatory antigens would be allowed to enter the system, potentially causing the immune system to respond and exacerbate autoimmunity.

In this current pandemic climate, there are multiple factors that can contribute to gut barrier integrity. Food choices can either help or hurt the gut barrier and, ultimately, the immune system. Inflammatory foods (processed foods) and immune reactive foods (gluten, dairy, sugars, etc.) can weaken the gut barrier, while healthy phytonutrient-rich foods can strengthen the gut barrier. The added benefit of this is that a healthy, nutrient-rich diet gives us ultimate brainpower, which I’m sure your boss or clients will appreciate!

Get good sleep

Exhaustion is a symptom of many autoimmune diseases. It is important to listen to your body. Our bodies heal, regulate and reset during sleep. Without adequate sleep, our bodies weaken and can break down, often leading to sickness,

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By: Dick Benson
Title: Back to Business in a COVID-19 Environment and Autoimmunity
Sourced From: alternativemedicine.com/back-to-business-in-a-covid-19-environment-and-autoimmunity/
Published Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 14:27:51 +0000

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