The idea of a second Covid wave has many in a state of deep fear, but what if we thought of Covid in terms of a wildfire rather than a wave?

I can’t take credit for that brilliant idea. It’s been put forth in the media by Michael Osterholm, PhD MPH, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

Why a fire, not a second Covid wave?

Osterholm likens the pandemic to a wildfire that hasn’t been totally extinguished. The embers are smoldering and could reignite, given the right combination of circumstances.

Sounds dreadful, I know, but stay with me a little longer because the fire model is actually empowering. In the wave model, we’re passively wearing our masks, washing hands, and fearing what might come next. That’s not a strong position to be in.

The wildfire model makes it clearer that we’re one of the circumstances determining whether the embers reignite. The choices we make help determine whether we are tinder, which catches fire quickly, or timber, which is much slower to ignite. Or maybe even damp timber, even less likely to ignite.

Tinder or timber, how much can you do?

Do you have total control over whether you are tinder or wet timber?

Of course not.

Does that mean you don’t do anything?

Of course not.

Keep wearing your mask and washing your hands. And don’t stop there.

Second Covid wave or wildfire, your choices matter

What are you doing to be more like a wet log, so to speak, reducing your chances of catching the pandemic fire? Here are some very doable, common sense suggestions.

Drink enough fluids to stay hydrated so your body can flush out wastes.Keep your bowels moving, especially if you’re doing any kind of detox. (Think about it, you want to draw the toxins out to eliminate them, not to let them sit there and be reabsorbed!)Eat fresh, well cooked food, especially if your area is heading into winter. Prepare most of your food yourself.Don’t eat too often — your body needs about 5 hours between meals for your hormones to signal that digestion is complete — and don’t eat too much at once. Allow space for digestion. Ayurveda suggests eating two handfuls of food.Stretch and move your body. Many times a day. Outdoors if possible.Connect with friends and communities.Help someone. At least be kind.Practice daily self Reiki.Stay joyful or playful. Practicing self Reiki helps with that.

If you have more suggestions, please share them as a comment below

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By: Pamela Miles
Title: Beating Back the Second Covid Wave
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Published Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 17:34:52 +0000

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