Where is the best place to retire? For Americans, many choose to retire in Costa Rica because of its beautiful tropical weather, warm culture and people, amazing food, lower cost of living and can potentially be one of the most affordable places to retire. Though retirement in Costa Rica has its pros and cons, I’d say there are way more pros than cons if you like that laidback back to nature lifestyle.

In today’s video, I take a ride through the Costa Rican countryside with my Costa Rican friends and ask them about what it is like to live here in this beautiful country. Some of the more popular expat destinations include Nicoya (known as one of the infamous Blue Zones), Tamarindo, Quepos, Jack, Uvita, Dominical, Peninsula Papagayo. There is a growing number of expats moving to Costa Rica to get away from the hustle and bustle.

If you want to know more about Manu and his work as a location manager (if you ever need to do any filming in Costa Rica, he’s your guy!)
Manu Tahilramani

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Hosted by Risa Morimoto

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