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Let’s face it — the movie-monsters of Hollywood are the cry-babies of the supernatural world. Werewolves? Phooey — try a giant Oni demon on for size. Vampires — well, okay, Buddhism has those too, except they are also black magicians. Ghosts? You won’t want to meet a Jikininki — he’ll eat your heart out! Sasquatch? Isn’t he a good guy? Anyway, in the Himalayan beliefs, they have the Yeti — you won’t want to cross snowy paths. Windigos? Okay, they’re nasty cannibals, but in Buddhist myth, there’s an entire race of cannibals, the Rakshasas, who munch on both humans and gods. Goblins? They’re nothing next to the The’ u Rang, goblins who create thunderstorms. [For a “who’s who of demons and monsters in Buddhism, see detailed sections below! Have scary fun!]

A Rakshasa.

In modern Buddhist thought, demons and monsters — up to an including Mara, who is “tempter” (similar to Satan) — manifest from our darker natures, not necessarily as supernatural creatures. In this way of thinking, Buddha did fight Mara under the Bodhi tree — but it was in his meditations — in his thoughts — a battle against his temptations and cravings. In the same way, many Buddhist practices focus on our own “battle” against similar delusions. On the other hand, many demons in Buddhist legend are said to manifest as the darker sides of nature.

Come along with us now as we explore the monsters and demons of Buddhism. Don’t be afraid! Arm yourself with a mantra or two — Om Mani Padme Hum or Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha — and join us in the dark where the supernatural spirits rise to scare us. (And, before you try to exorcise those demons, remember, all creatures have Buddha Nature!) 

Watch out for the Jikininki’s. These hungry ghosts can follow you around, and like to snack on humans. Say a few mantras if you walk around dark places! Om Mani Padme Hum!

Conventional view: armies of demons and monsters

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By: Lee Kane
Title: Buddhism vs Hollywood — Are “Buddhist” demons, vampires, zombies, and hungry ghosts scarier than Hollywood monsters?
Sourced From: buddhaweekly.com/buddhism-vs-hollywood-are-buddhist-demons-vampires-zombies-and-hungry-ghosts-scarier-than-hollywood-monsters/
Published Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2020 17:39:24 +0000

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