As we get older, it seems that it is impossible to not to know someone who has not been touched by cancer. Many of us know cancer survivors as well as those who have not been so lucky. It touches all of us.

How can we use the cancer to do deeper soul healing and ultimately not only beat cancer but also heal ourselves. This is not only a cancer survivor story and about beating cancer, it is about how we can use it as an opportunity to befriend the cancer and welcome it so as to actually to the inner work to heal ourselves from the inside out.

Denise DeSimone is an author, documentary filmmaker, motivational speaker, singer, ordained minister, cancer wellness coach and throat cancer survivor. Diagnosed at age 50 with Stage IV throat cancer, she was told she had 90 days to live. Denise turned what was a death sentence into an inspiring motivation to defy any predictions that her life was over.

Fifteen years later, Denise now helps others on their cancer journeys to unlock the toxicity that many of us hold deep within. As Denise says, “I didn’t allow the cancer to define me. It redesigned me!”

Her book and documentary, From Stage IV to Center Stage, chronicles her throat cancer story and unusual cancer treatment journey. You can check it out on her website at

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