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Have you ever had a bad night’s sleep? The next day you wake up and feel asleep, a little silly, you can’t think things through clearly. When you’re this asleep you don’t make clear-cut decisions and you can have some accidents, like spilling your breakfast or falling down the stairs when you’re coming down, just because you’re asleep.

If you have felt this way, you probably share with me that a good solution to wake you up is to take a refreshing shower. As the water falls on you, this state of numbness that you feel in your body and mind is gradually extinguished. And you regain your lucidity, control your movements better, and can make good decisions.

The same thing happens with our consciousness, with our understanding of the nature of everything around us. And I don’t mean an understanding of having studied the physical and chemical properties of what surrounds us, but a spiritual understanding that is felt, that is incorporated within you, then you feel your environment as if it were part of you and you feel at peace.

Enlightenment as a consequence of a crisis

This awakening of consciousness, which we can call enlightenment, can come after a crisis. If we go back to our analogy of being a little asleep, imagine that while you are eating a little bit of breakfast, you spill your hot infusion on yourself, you burn yourself and you wet your clothes. This little crisis produces a release of adrenaline in your body and you react quickly and suddenly you are completely awake. But it doesn’t feel like a very peaceful awakening, does it?

The word crisis comes from the Greek “krinein” and means “to divide, to split, to separate”. In this way, Crisis refers to the act of a cut with something previous. It is in this sense that a crisis gives us awareness of a separation between a previous state and the current state. This awareness, which can be more or less profound, is the trigger for transformation.

Every crisis is an opportunity to begin a new path. And while we can take advantage of crises and find the opportunities that arise from them, crises should not be necessary. We could reach the same opportunities without having to face a crisis. However, the changes that lead to enlightenment require an energetic impulse to break the inertia of the resting state in search of the movement that will lead us to enlightenment. When we need this change, but we are not giving all that effort, when

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By: Stef
Title: Crisis or Satori? The Path to Enlightenment
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Published Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 05:05:58 +0000

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