What hinders your practice? 

Though the effect of a dedicated meditation practice is equanimity; it’s ironic that for most students at the onset of meditation, the mind resists with the intensity of a raging tornado. Instead of feeling lured to a quiet space to let thoughts and stresses sink and settle, aversions arise steeped in intense emotional reactions, fears of failure and frustration.

Why is meditation so elusive?

The answers may come to light by observing yoga’s psychological model known as the Klesas, or hindrances of the mind. These are defined as; Ignorance, Egoism, Attachment, Aversion and Fear.

Ignorance is not knowing, confusion, misperception and lack of clarity. When it comes to meditation, there are numerous unknowns. An example is confusion around a suitable type or style of meditation.

Hours, days or months passing while attempting to reap the meditative rewards of countless different types of meditation can cause the Ego to shift out of balance, resulting in a growing disbelief in one’s capability to meditate or to derive any benefits from the practice.

Misunderstanding can lead to Attachments in mediation. A common attachment is to a preconceived notion of progress or a ‘state of being’ that is supposed to arrive after practice. The lore and literature of supernatural experiences immensely hinders the practitioner’s relationship with a quiet mind.

Feelings of frustration breed Aversion to the practice of meditation itself.

Before long a student may Fear that they are wasting their time, being unproductive or in some case, the fear of success equally blocks the process.

An earnest student of meditation may inquire with a teacher about their meditation struggles. Unfortunately, most teachers of yoga are as inexperienced with meditation as the students in their classes. Inexperienced teachers try to placate students with platitudes and inane advice. Most commonly, the advice is to simply try something else; like from a meditation technique buffet. The belief system that there is one ‘right’ type is rooted in the mystery of meditation. It’s as if some students believe a meditative state of mind is like the result of some arcane magic, that you’ve just got to do the spell

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By: Brian Serven
Title: Demystifying Meditation
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Published Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2020 22:55:22 +0000

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