Ross picked today’s title, just as I was waking up. Today is an interesting day. I have it entirely free to myself. There is no work. There is no Anthony. It would be easy to be overwhelmed. There is so much to do around the house, both with the Marie Kondo house project, general cleaning and decluttering, gardening, and household chores.  Ross pulled me back from that line of thinking, and made me include time for fun and things I enjoy. As well as exercise. After writing this I am going to have a light breakfast and take a little walk in the neighborhood before it gets too warm. Speaking of warm! Oh my gosh, the electricity bill arrived. Anthony has zero tolerance for heat. And he’s home all day. So I have to keep the air conditioner running. Guess how much is cost? Five hundred dollars plus, and it would have been six hundred had we not had the credits for climate zone and something else.  Even his sports physical yesterday was fifty dollars.  We go through money like it’s water here in Southern California.  I read an article about the food bank in our county. There’s lots of people going to it, even more than we once had with the recession in 2008. Remember all the people out of work and staying home. I heard in September they can evict people again. Many people are going to need many prayers.  I got my hair colored yesterday. It’s honey blonde. There were many, many old grey roots to cover. My hairstylist has started working at a grocery store to make sure he has something to do, as well as income. Three hairstylists gave up their spaces where he rents, due to the slowdown of the economy because it wasn’t allowed to do hair.  I got compliments on my hair yesterday. It IS ‘mermaid hair’, and I enjoyed it. I’ve faced the scary prospect of being totally gray, and to be honest, it wasn’t the end of the world. I decided long ago when my hairstylist stops then I stop.  He trimmed it too, a lot, and it’s lighter weight and has more movement. Yes, I have heavy hair! LOL. I really do. I am blessed. As far as yesterday is concerned, there’s so much ‘out there’, so many levels, and the deepest one is knowing the true story. It’s so sad. I learned of some guy, let me get his name, Larry Silverstein. He must have had inside information. There’s no way someone could have a ‘last minute doctor’s appointment’… Instead of saying who’s right and who’s wrong, Ross and I encourage you to have compassion for everyone, no matter how much or how little they know of the truth behind the whole thing. People died. Lots of them. Unnecessarily. Let them process the information they have, and when they approach you as they learn the truth, agree with them that it’s very serious and very sad that the world has come to this

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Title: Do Good Things
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Holistic News Team
Holistic News Team
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