We are beings of Spirit. We are incarnate within human bodies. But our true Nature, our true Being, shines.

When we walk through our days, mindful of the everlasting presence within ourselves, and how we are One with Divine Creator of All That Is, we accept that our death at some point is eventual, and we trust that we will live beyond the ending of our Human Life Form.

When we complete our lessons with full clarity and mindfulness, and accept the fact that death will rear its ugly face (or in some instances of pain and suffering, be a welcome friend)–we rob those who oppress us of one of their master tools–fear itself. 

We starve them.

We are able to pursue our lives and make a difference no matter what is going on in the world around us. We smile. We encourage. We love. 

Our bodies are so exquisitely made, that we can practice breathing in one nostril and out the other. This affects our flow of energy through our bodies.

Prana, the Life Force, flows in and through us. 

Even in some teachings, we are taught that the soul enters and exits the body through the mouth.

So…what with all the masks?

Perhaps it is something more than oxygen, something unmeasurable that people are reporting making them feel breathless?

What if there is occult meaning, to weaken us, by denying us free access to prana, with the masks?

Who knows? I don’t know, and Ross isn’t saying….because there is a way to bypass it! 

This is how we empower you. 

Through the work of Kahuna Serge Kahlil King, from Kauai, we can take in our ‘mana’, the Hawaiian word for ‘prana’, in through the top of the head. 

Yes, that is right. When you breathe in, pull the energy of the Universe IN through the top of your head. It will trickle down all the way through you. And when you breathe out, breathe out through your perineum–that is where you direct the mana energy flow. 

Practice it until it becomes second nature. This way, you will get all the protection from the mask–if indeed it protects–and all ‘compliance’ with ‘regulations and restrictions’, while keeping your Life Force at optimum conditions.


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Title: Empowering You in the Plandemic
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Holistic News Team
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