How is the spiritual path different for women and men?

The feminine nature of a woman’s body and her emotional makeup have unique qualities that need special attention. Many of the Yoga poses need to be adapted to the female body, yet our special needs as women are ignored if we follow traditional asana instruction rather than our feminine intuition. The asanas were designed for the needs of the male body. While gentle pressure and squeezing help to improve blood circulation and health, too-vigorous bending and stretching can harm the softer and less muscular female body.

Rainbow colored illustration of a woman doing sun salutation poses.

What is an example of an asana adapted for the female body?

I would always joke with my students when teaching Mayurasana, the Peacock Pose. In this pose, the entire weight of the body is balanced on bent arms as the elbows push into the belly, so the straightened legs can be raised into the air. In order to accomplish this pose, the balance point must be at the center of the body (the elbows being the fulcrum). But the female pelvis is bigger and heavier than a man’s, making the center of gravity lower. So, if, adhering to the traditional instructions, the elbows are pushed into the abdomen, most women would fall forward and flat on their faces when they raise their legs. By pushing the elbows into the pelvis rather than the abdomen, we are more easily able to balance. However, while the elbows against the pelvis enable us to do the pose, they can put too much pressure on the delicate organs housed there. Injury or imbalance can occur.

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By: Nischala Joy Devi
Title: Experience Your Feminine Nature in Yoga
Sourced From: www.yogaville.org/2020/06/17/experience-your-feminine-nature-in-yoga/
Published Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2020 18:03:47 +0000

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