I am well. I had the weekend off. Today there’s no work too. I need the time to decompress, to work on various projects and to rest. Anthony started his grieving over his grandmother on Friday, and let me know. It was the Christmas songs of Frank Sinatra that started the release of healing tears. 

I felt her presence yesterday while we were watching Sunday Night Football. I didn’t know what to say, and she didn’t say anything, but I sensed she was happy Anthony and I were watching football together. She always would watch the game too when we watched, and cheer for Anthony’s team to win.

I found a wonderful website, yummybazaar.com, so I can get my favorites I can’t get here. I adore chestnut spread for crepes. Ironically, when I went later to Big Lots (a discount store) to buy our maple syrup (best price anywhere, for organic at price of conventional) I found REAL spaetzle noodles of the same brand I had just bought. I bought egg noodles and porcini mushroom noodles and also a ‘mug’ of hot German mustard. All at even lower prices than the website which is actually very reasonable. I’ve bought the chestnut spread on Amazon, and the Droste sprinkles, which upcharge about double of the website.

Here is a wonderful introduction to our heroes we are going to share today–the creator of this video is insightful and has a message for us all: Beauty of Women over Time With Untold Secret

Our first Exquisite Warrior is a mom I knew from Little League. Her son just turned eighteen. The family I met perhaps two years ago, and had relocated from the East Coast to here because of her husband’s business.

Already because of that, and because her son our pitcher had emotional issues which she managed excellently–she had my respect.

But to give her brother of the pitcher a little excitement to make up for the Covid restrictions, she booked tandem skydiving for them both! 

She loved him so much she ‘jumped out of a perfectly good plane’ at thirteen thousand feet–thanking everyone on the team so very much for ‘keeping them safe’ the whole time–following her son and his tandem jumper. 

In my opinion she wins ‘mom of the year’, hands down.

We know that the ‘unseen hand’ likes to keep war going on the

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Title: Exquisite Warriors From Heaven
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