Some days, fear is crippling and freezes us in a place we feel protected. I remember a conversation, at a party, about a woman who was so fearful of various things in the world happening to her, that she stayed close to home most days. She spent a good amount of her life frozen in fear, crippled by the idea that something bad could happen to her. A good friend, finally, got her to take small steps out the door, first still fearful, but over time, the fear lightened. When I heard this story, I immediately thought, “oh how sad for her. It would be tough to live that way, all the time.” And then I realized, I do. Maybe not to her level, but I do make decisions out of fear. I do work myself into anxiety over fearful ideas that could happen to me. I do let worries led by fear, freeze me into inaction, and if being in action is a way to do life, what was I doing?

Once upon a time, there was a lady that went for a jog, as she had done several times a week, her entire life. One morning jog wouldn’t allow her back home, as she was killed by a stranger on her run. The motive was robbery, which is even sadder, as I have no more than a $5 on me when I run. I immediately internalized the news, and took it personal, as a runner myself.

I had to know every detail about this lady, where she was, who she knew, and who the robber was, and why. That was the big question for me—why her? Why that morning? This news story, about a stranger, halted my running habit for a month. For an entire month, I was frozen in fear over running by myself. This activity I love to do, and which I had done my entire life, was now so laced with fear, that it stole my joy.

I was no different that the woman in the conversation at the party. With certain situations, I let fear cripple me, too, and I wanted to do that less of the time. I discussed this idea with a fellow yoga teacher, and she asked if I meditated. At the time, I didn’t, but she went onto explain how you can meditate to clear out negative energy in your body. Negative thoughts would lighten as I focused on positive elements. “For as

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By: Lacey Pruett
Title: Flow Through Fear
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Published Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 03:30:55 +0000

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