Freedom is our birthright. Spiritual, mental, psychological and physical freedom is what is given to us by Divine Creator.   The world, the Illusion we find ourselves in, at the moment, however, is specifically designed to ensnare and entrap us into giving up our Divine Freedoms, in all of the above levels plus the astral planes too! We begin our freedom by setting the intention to connect as closely as we can to Source, Divine Creator, and to nurture this and protect this consciously and with steadfastness. Every single day! We can always regain our freedom if we ‘slip’. It’s not always easy, but it is entirely possible. As long as we have breath there is opportunity for us to co-create an entirely new outlook and mind-set which is in alignment with Source. Today here on the Schumann we are at a pause which is entirely OK. Perhaps the energies are building…

This can be fun too. Whenever we are relaxed, and open to the Divine’s input in our everyday life experiences, we can learn and enjoy whatever is made available to us. Yesterday, it was time to feed snake. He’s getting up in years. He ate one mouse but not the second, so I took it back to the pet shop. I had made a joke, because Squirt, the pet shop’s old tabby, had been asleep on the front counter in a box, as if it was a ‘cat to go’ or ‘takeout’ order.  Upon my return with the mouse, I saw it coming across the counter to a plastic bin on the right, one with a lid on it, and start licking and rubbing the bin.  I asked, ‘what is this?’ The clerk smiled and said, ‘it’s catnip’.  I’d never seen a cat experience catnip.  As an anesthesiologist, I was curious about the onset, duration, peak effect and signs that this drug was working on the kitty.  The clerk opened the lid, the cat started licking the little sacs inside the bin, and next I saw, the pupils of the eyes dilated really BIG. The clerk said the cat was high. It lasts a few minutes. It’s harmless.  He looked up the oil it’s nepetalactone. I was fascinated. Every time I push propofol and someone yawns and goes to sleep, part of me inside says, ‘whoa!’–it’s really cool. I went home and I looked it up:Neuropharmacology of catnip in Scientific American Full pharmacologic information across many uses for catnip an excellent scientific overview This chemical, or something similar, is a pheromone in tomcat urine Here is a video where you can see the effects, including the drooling. Eye dilation is a sympathetic nerve agonist, but drooling is a parasympathetic

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By: Reiki Doc
Title: Freedom Isn’t Free; You Have To Put Forth Effort In Order To Maintain It
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Published Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 19:04:00 +0000

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