Yesterday first call was beautiful! 

Only one case at nine a.m., then the rest of the day waiting for the phone to ring. I invited Anthony to join me in going to the hotel pool. Sure enough, there were people there but none had technically ‘been in the pool’ when Anthony asked.

At first it was awkward, sharing a small hotel pool with a mom and two boys. It was Anthony’s first time in the water in seven months, where he could practice for his sport. We did underwater dolphin kicks pushing off the wall, swimming, and flip turns.

It was adorable how the little brother of the mom and two sons copied Anthony and me, trying to do a flip turn.

Eventually, Anthony asked to play the football game in the water with the other family. The mom was able to rest after a while.

I was impressed at the laughing and giggling and splashing, how good it was for children to play together without masks and with fun. Anthony is good with people and good with sports, so they enjoyed their time together. It was precious how the little one kept trying and trying, even though his brother and Anthony were a foot taller than him. And it was all the more special how the bigger boys tried to make the game easier for the little one.

They played for a solid hour. 

That’s the way to world peace folks.

Mutual fun and enjoyment.

If we had that the dark ones would have been out of business a long time ago.

We never learned anything of that family, their names, where they are from. Except that the parents really like the Lakers. 

It didn’t matter.

But it got me thinking. Set aside all of the politics, and in the spirit of the red pill, it all boils down to this: there are the majority of people who generally agree what is fun and what isn’t. Then there is the one percent who follow Luciferian doctrine/principle of Do What Thou Wilt, which basically isn’t fun for the other person because taking advantage of them–sometimes in horrific and gruesome ways–is their version of ‘fun’. 

Which ‘fun’ is going to rule?

I don’t know.

God wins, I believe in the end, Love and Fun win because all of us are made up of the energy of Divine Creator. 

But for this battle, or skirmish?

I’m not sure.

SARK mentioned being outside, and drawing, when a woman admonished her for not wearing a mask. Yes, from thirty feet away. But something clicked inside of SARK, and she felt a rush of compassion for the woman, and realized that the mask and mask wearing made the woman’s FEAR that plain to see. As plain as the nose on her face, really. 

Masks reinforce the concept of Separation. 

We don’t want to catch someone else’s ‘cooties’, but in fact, we tell

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By: Reiki Doc
Title: Fun and Grace
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Published Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2020 19:49:00 +0000

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