Yesterday I had two of the sweetest insights, very calm and gentle, and very much appreciated in the events of late. I remember back in 2012 when I went to Hawaii for a conference, my flip flops broke. So i bought a replacement pair at the hotel. ‘They were a new brand, made with yoga mats, and were the softest most comfortable flip-flops I’ve ever worn! I started out with cheap plastic ones in the sixties. And in the seventies, it was either the bamboo ‘zories’ with blue or red velvet to go between your toes, or the plastic kind with the rainbow sandwiched in layers between the black bottom and black top layers.  I’ve had Havaiina’s…pretty much everything. I loved those yoga mat ones, Sanuks, and when they were at Costco, I bought two pairs, black ones and white ones.  But the white ones fell apart when I went to the beach one hot day. I had to drive home with broken ones! I simply started to wear the black ones. But when I was back -to-school shopping with Anthony, Ross wanted me to go looking at Nordstrom. And there, the only thing I could find, was a pair of Olu Kai flip flops. Anthony had gotten some recently, they are expensive and make the Havaiina’s look cheap. But Anthony explained it that real Hawaiians actually wear the good flip flops. You see, the Olu Kai brand have arch support. They are extremely well-made.  Now every time I wear the ones Ross bought for me, I give thanks, because I had no idea things got better than Havaiina or Sanuk…but they do, and he insisted I wear them. That I’m worth it. I’ve had a very hard time with the changes in my body image. There comes a time where your body just stops making estrogen. You coast on what you had for a while. But then after a little longer, your body and your face and your hair just don’t look like you. You must remember where I am from, a coastal community pretty much my whole life, and image is very, very important.  I’ve felt defeated and down on myself in so many ways for not looking young.  But what can you do? Not much. The ‘remedies’ often look worse than the problem! Yesterday at the beach, I saw a woman who was overweight. But she looked cute! I’m not sure how the bathing suit did it, but she had confidence in her one piece, a 1940’s style with a pattern on it, but it looked good on her.  I gave thanks for in this world of youth and anorexia, for another option to look good and feel good just the way you are. 

This is my mom. This is the family cat Pyrite. The story was that my sister was going to

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By: Reiki Doc
Title: Gentle Lessons
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Published Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 15:47:00 +0000

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