As wellness seekers, most of us look for recommended resources to show us the way. If you’re a reader, like me, you’ll hunt book cover after book cover, looking for that one that resonates with your inner being. Soon, you find it! The cover of the book looks captivating, colorful, and courageous. It looks to be a guide any woman would love to help her through the next steps, and into the most joyful and successful state she has ever experienced, so you snatch it off the shelf and anticipated hours of zen-filled reading ahead.

As you continue to read through the pages, you remain hopeful that the storyline would get exciting, adventurous, humorous, anything to capture you, but such detail never arrived. No new awareness resonates with you, your life, or your current goals. Within the cleverly artistic cover was gray, boring, and stale detail. Bummer. The same thing happens when a friend recommends a new resource. You can’t wait to dive in, because it helped her out so much. Alas, lackluster results for you. Sigh.

Perhaps if we stop looking for the answers and start focusing on feeling the answers, we can be more authentically fulfilled in our wellness journeys. It’s personal, so some of the solutions are personal to us. When I started looking inward and feeling my way through an issue, and when I started letting my intuition guide my next steps, no matter what it looked like to me, or what it seemed like to others, I found fulfillment every time. How did I learn this new way of searching?

Energy work.

Energy work brings me closer to the solutions tailor-made for me. Some call it Reiki, energy healing, chakra energy, intuitive work, and while it has many names, this work has one sole purpose: to guide your soul and heal your being. You are not just a physical body—you have an energy body as well, and both allow you to do life in a more powerful and fulfilling

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By: Lacey Pruett
Title: Get Om With It: An Intro to Reiki & the Chakras
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Published Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 19:36:31 +0000

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Holistic News Team
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