Grief and loss surround us.

Pain in the world right now is palpable.  We feel the effects of loss and confusion as we struggle to navigate daily uncertainty in the harrowing thick of a global pandemic. We sense heated waves of anguish emanating from impassioned protests. We feel and recognize urgent demand for changes to unjust systems. We sense the deep generational sufferings at the heart of it all. In the midst of all the collective pain, you may be experiencing your own personal anguish. Your heartache may be due to the death of someone dear, the loss of that which is so precious. You may be trying to manage loss, grief, and trauma uniquely your own.

The universe is all but insisting that we become more intimately acquainted with our own pain and with the pain of those crying out around us.

How can we move forward through this pain?

Finding creative ways of expressing what’s going on inside is crucial to moving through, processing, and integrating grief and trauma. The definition of “expression” here is best understood in terms of pressing or squeezing—moving the pain, hurt, and complicated feelings through and out. When we do this, we find space for new things to move in—new inspiration, more love, fresh growth; extra space allowing for freedom of movement, ease of breath. Writing is a creative expression of what’s going on inside. And it makes

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By: Karla Helbert and Jamie Fueglein
Title: Give Sorrow Words: Creative Writing for Grief and Loss
Sourced From: www.yogaville.org/2020/07/06/give-sorrow-words-creative-writing-for-grief-and-loss/
Published Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2020 14:31:19 +0000

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