There is nothing quite like it. When you hear about a communication course, you are likely to think of super-expensive professional training courses with lots of talks and power-points, providing you with slogan-like principles and starry-eyed promises of life-changing transformations far beyond the limits of credibility.

Focus on group work

At Acem’s training in interpersonal communication, the focus is quite different. Not only is the course fee infinitely more moderate, but down-to-earth group work takes precedence over presumed experts filling your head with lofty ideas. Apart from a brief introduction on the first day of the course, there is not a single lecture until day five. Even then, the focus is not on presenting abstract concepts but rather on concrete discussions of how to interpret the scores on various forms filled in by the participants during the week.

Instead of talks and lectures, much of the time is spent in groups of six to nine people, with an extremely open agenda. In collaboration with the other group members and one or two very experienced group leaders, you seek to understand where the communication between you and the others goes awry and why, sometimes associating back to formative experiences in the near or distant past. There will be frustrating and confusing periods, especially in the first phase of the course, but there will also be moments of the relief that comes with increased insight and understanding.

Not just the brain

As one of last year’s participants, Elsa Roussel from France (now living in Switzerland), put it:

I need to trust myself more, and the course increased my self-confidence and showed me what is good for me and what is not. I was surprised to discover how much I tended to think before I had the courage to react to what others said or did. I found that I often question myself: is this something I can say? Does it make any sense? Should I perhaps not interfere? Too many brakes! I want to get to the core, and that’s what the communication training is helping me with.

Or in the words of another participant, Konstantin Poller from Germany:

I had long known that I sometimes struggle to get in touch with my own emotions. The course made me aware of how much this affects my communication. When I fail to perceive the emotional aspects of a situation, I miss out on a lot of information. Communication involves the heart, not just the brain. And this is not a slogan! The course increases my awareness and initiates a process of personal development.

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Title: Going to the core! – Training in Interpersonal Communication
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