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I find that Reiki has inspired my life in many ways. I infuse Reiki in all I do, which improves all areas of my life. One area has been my writing. I have enjoyed writing for many years, but find by infusing Reiki it has risen it to another level. Besides writing articles for Reiki Rays, I began creating poems and adding to my collection of “Inner Blessings.” I call them my Inner Blessings because they come from my spiritual center when least expected. I share them with clients, family and friends. I hope that they may help you along your way. You may find you want to create inspiring messages of your own.

1. As you walk your path, see and listen to those who walk your way.

2. Living black and white, you will miss the colorful rainbows of life.

3. Travel lightly through life. Leave your baggage behind you.

4. Be joyous, silly and happy as you can – the choice is yours.

5. Give yourself permission to fail. Stand tall and try again.

6. Be good to yourself and you will feel good about others.

7. All is possible in a child’s mind. Let yourself be childlike again.

8. Believe all is possible and it can be. Live the possibilities.

9. See the rainbows in your life. The pot of gold can be yours.

10. Know you are not alone. Feel it and believe it.

11. Be a friend to you. Enjoy what you do.

12. Be yourself with everyone you meet. If not accepted, walk away.

13. Show kindness to another. Enjoy the good feeling.

14. Know thoughts bring reality. Keep your thoughts positive.

15. Buy yourself a gift. You deserve it.

16. Children love to sing and play. Join them in their play.

17. Speeding through life can leave a trail of missed opportunities.

18. Dreams are realities of the future. Follow your dreams.

19. Angels are around you. Listen to their whispering messages.

20. Give a smile to someone today. Their response may surprise you.

21. Know you are one with yourself and spirit.

22. Dance barefoot in the grass. Feel and see the beauty of nature.

23. Look up at the stars in heaven. Know you are not alone.

24. Let the passion of life’s creativity fill and inspire you.

25. Look at the beauty within and around you. You are beautiful.

26. Live with love of spirit, mind and body. Be whole and one with you.

27. Believe in the magic of life and the surprises it can bring.

28. See your neighbor. Know

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Title: Guidance with Reiki and “Inner Blessings”
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