Millions of people worldwide suffer from different kinds of eating disorders, including anorexia or bulimia, or a combination of both. These disorders stem from not having a healthy relationship with food. While it seems to be only about food, the reality is that it is a coping mechanism to overcome emotional pain, which can be traced to childhood traumas/issues.

The children are innately powerless, their psyche is greatly shaped by the way they are dealt with by their guardians or caretakers. Sometimes they face a lot of criticism over different matters including appearance or academic performance. The sensitive ones sulk inside, feel powerless and out of control. This results in emotional isolation because the child does not find the sense of belonging and feels like a complete failure. This creates anxiety, intense pain and feelings of helplessness. The child starts associating negative connotation to love and wants to gain back control of his/her life. He(she) tries to gain control which begins by taking control of his(her) weight or looks. Because of the lack of trust, he(she) wants to avoid close relationships and avoid any exchange of energy.

In anorexia, the person starves himself trying to keep his weight in check and stay in charge of his appearance. In bulimia, the person has episodes of binge-eating and then tries to compensate for it through extremes like purging (using laxatives) or over-exercise. In both disorders, the person is obsessed with his weight and generally has an inaccurate perception about his appearance. In the long-term, such conditions could be life-threatening. Both disorders are manifestations of an emotional pain that needs to be released. This catharsis is of utmost importance to experience the best health and harmonious relationships in life.

Here is a brief primer of the steps you could take to heal any kind of eating disorders.

1. Choose an activity to master

Any eating disorder

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Title: Heal the Eating Disorders – The Reiki Way
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