Science is to a certain extent a combination of mathematical theories and models of how the Universe is perceived to work compared to the individual’s perception of reality, but all that can ever be tested is our perceptions of what we believe to be true.

‘The scientist can never be a neutral observer as objective reality does not exist, and our view of the physical world is relative to our point of view and belief system’.Einstein

For many years science was a law unto itself; it set the rules and decided what was scientific and acceptable and worthy of its consideration. The situation was confused further increased by science using different models and different criteria for testing them with the rules applied to one discipline totally inappropriate to another. The rules applied to the study and evaluation of physics may not work in the same way if applied to the study of psychology.

Science like life is never static; it’s dynamic and constantly evolving, as with all learning, knowledge is gained through the questioning of established truths, making mistakes and corrective adjustments and re-evaluating the results and what we accept to be true. There can never be an objective reality because our belief system is hard wired to act as a filter through which all new information must pass, and we instinctively embrace what supports our existing values and beliefs. Challenge a person’s beliefs and you also challenge their values, their perceptions, and their identity as a person.

‘Many scientists throughout history have stated definitive scientific ‘fact’ based on their own belief based research only to be discredited and proven wrong by their peers’Johannes Muller

In a argument or discussion each side will call upon their own ‘experts’ to validate their own point of view, the vitriolic response to new theories is surpassed only by the condemnation towards those who challenge entrenched points of view. Science, by its very nature, is not well suited or predisposed to dealing with anomalies that question established beliefs, only that which falls within predetermined limits is considered relevant and suitable for scientific analysis. Yet science is not cast in stone science of today is built on the errors, mistakes, and misconceptions of the past eventually leading to the discovery of new truths, and new levels of understanding.

‘The knowledge we accept and take for granted today was achieved as much by good luck and providence, as by good judgment’ —

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Title: Healing isn’t rocket Science but neither is it Superstitious make Believe
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Published Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 05:05:23 +0000

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