As a Reiki practitioner, your Reiki will be at its strongest when your own heart is healed and wide open. Reiki is a heart based energy healing modality and since the frequency of Reiki itself is unconditional love, we are well served to do the inner work needed for an open heart. So many of us have suffered intense losses in 2020 that is seems more important than ever to keep our own hearts open so that we can show up for the difficulties that our clients are facing.

Loss, grief, and anger abound. And yet, we have an amazing opportunity to show up and help others, especially if our own hearts are cleared of those things.

One of the best miracles of Reiki is that as healers, we are always called on to do more and more inner work and self-healing. Psychics call this “clearing the channel” and it’s an integral part of our life purpose as healers. I enjoy this side of the process immensely and have learned over the 20 years that I have been a Reiki teacher, to lean into the inner work – even to relish it. My Reiki practice has called on me to open to deeper and deeper layers of healing in my own heart and that pay offs have been enormous, both personally and professionally.

When we stop doing our own inner work, it’s only a matter of time until our Reiki practice dries up. The Reiki healer that is continually doing their own inner work is that one that has a line of clients out the door because we can really only go somewhere with our clients that we have already been inside ourselves.

But why the heart? Let’s talk about the heart chakra for a minute and see why it’s so critical to Reiki practitioners.

My friend Rhys Thomas is a crystal bowl healer, and he has a set of crystal bowls that play the frequency of a chakra, one note per chakra. When I attuned him to Reiki years ago, he got out his crystal bowls and played the crown and heart chakra bowl together, and we played around with the tones until we realized that this was the sound of Reiki. It is a perfect harmonious cord and a beautiful way to experience the sound of Reiki and what happens when we connect the heart and the crown together.

Reiki is the frequency of unconditional love, and the crown chakra holds the energy of unconditional, limitless divine energy, and the heart chakra holds the energy of love itself. If either of these chakras is blocked in the Reiki practitioner, then it jams up the amount of Reiki

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Title: Healing the Heart Chakra for Reiki Practitioners
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Published Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2020 05:05:00 +0000

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