There is so much unbelievable power in journaling. It is one of the most overlooked and underused practices to create the life we desire right now. The problem is, most of us are terribly out of practice with tuning into our intuition. Like someone who has been sedentary for years and then suddenly decides to become a runner, it’s going to be difficult for the first couple of runs as your body strengthens the muscles required to be a runner. If you have continually been looking for answers outside of yourself for some time now and have completely disconnected from your own inner guidance system then it’s going to take a little practice to strengthen your inner trust “muscle” as well. Journaling can be used as a way to tap into our individual truth, our soul guidance, and even our subconscious. Journaling helps us to identify what our true desires are, which the majority of the population doesn’t actually know, and once we identify what we really desire then we can decide to have it and from there become unstoppable.


Your Imagination is Your Superpower

Our superpower as humans is found in our imagination, our creativity, and our ability to tell stories. This is something I have personally studied in my background in cultural anthropology and archaeology before becoming a master coach. There is so much interesting research around humans as storytellers and how we have used stories to shape our reality and experience throughout history. The issue, however, is that in modern society we’re still telling stories, but we don’t realize we’re doing it. This lack of awareness results in us not realizing that the stories we’re telling can empower us or disempower us. Therefore people often end up telling disempowered stories as the narrative or script of their lives without even knowing it! This is where journaling can be incredibly powerful in breaking patterns of feeling not fulfilled in our lives. Journaling allows us to zoom out our perspective. Instead of being in our own

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By: Jessica Caver Lindholm
Title: How does Journaling Bring Results?
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Published Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2021 16:31:24 +0000

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