Food cravings are intense, uncontrollable urges to eat certain foods, something that is stronger than normal hunger. Being at home over the lockdown period could result in the temptation to ease the anxiety with comfort foods, which could eventually hurt you emotionally and physically.

Understand that satisfying your cravings can quickly become a habit and, with time, can be hard to control. The good news is that there are certain things you can do to keep the syndrome in check, one of which is taking advantage of online coupon deals.

Why it is the Perfect Time to Look into Online Sales

Almost every online store, particularly those that sell essential goods, currently have massive sales on offer. In the previous economic crisis, such as the 2008- 2009 Great Recession, consumer spending decreased. Certain categories such as alcohol, apparel, food, and entertainment, among others, all saw a sudden drop by 1-5 percent.

With such decimation, retailers are now responding in a knee-jerk fashion to meet the needs of the consumer at a considerable rate. Most online stores are now offering brands for less, with great deals to entice consumers. In 2008, almost every store gave 70 percent off for all the commodities. Currently, many online retailers are offering voucher codes for many products, particularly clothing. As the lockdown continues, massive deals are expected across the industries. Here are some of the things you should expect in the coming months.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon, which accounts for nearly 50 percent of the global eCommerce trade, hit an all-time high during the start of the coronavirus pandemic. It is responsible for setting the trend in deals and promotions in the retail landscape. Usually, Amazon rolls out new sales and sells most of its brands for less around the calendar. During big shopping events such as the Amazon Prime Day and over the holidays, the platform tends to have a lot of discount vouchers with great deals. During this lockdown period, the approach has, however, been altered. The online retailer scrapped off the promotion of flash sales sometime in March, with the delivery of non-essentials being delayed for weeks. The company made major changes to focus on essentials such as baby formula and groceries. However, Amazon still has super deals, and the Amazon Pantry service is still operating, allowing you to

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Title: How to Beat Your Lock-down Cravings with Online Coupons
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