We’ve been living in our new home for four months now, and the project list feels never-ending. As we transition from winter to spring, my thoughts continually drift towards the project of creating a beautiful home garden—something I’ve come to love and value.

Gardens, in my opinion, are one of the key elements that make a house a home. Not only do they add beauty, function, and sustenance to a piece of land, but the act of gardening is a stress reliever and a creative outlet.

At our house on the mountain, we invested in terracing our front lawn area to create a space for a beautiful home garden where we would grow herbs and flowers. Here at our new home, though, no such thing exists yet. The beautiful landscaping that once was is now overgrown and unkept, and one of our big projects for the year is to create a beautiful home garden in this new space. 

My Vision for a Beautiful Home Garden

When it comes to creating a home garden at our new house, we’re doing things a bit differently than at our last house. This time, my vision isn’t to have separate gardens, one for vegetables, one for herbs, one for flowers, etc. This time, for the most part, I want to combine everything together. 

Yes, you read that right. This time, my vision is to have a beautiful home garden that stretches all the way around our home. I’d like everything to flow together, paths and hardscaping elements connecting various spaces together. In each space, there will be combinations of fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamental plants, and flowers. I’m sure there will be some areas where certain types of plants will be separated. I definitely have my heart set on a rose garden! However, the overall idea is to have everything intermingled as much as possible.

My ultimate goal is to create a beautiful home garden that will give a cozy visual appeal to our home and provide a space that my family and I, as well as our friends, can

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By: Meagan Visser
Title: How To Create A Beautiful Home Garden In 5 Simple Steps
Sourced From: www.growingupherbal.com/5-steps-beautiful-home-garden
Published Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2020 14:00:00 +0000

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