Omit the urge to rush.

Refrain from complaining about the wait.

Accept What Is, and do your best to navigate the situation.

For THIS is the cradle from which the New shall appear. From THIS time of ‘relative imperception’ are the seeds and the shoots and the new foundations of our life experience rest.

Yesterday I was off. But I was able to accomplish incredible things, small things, but a large role in the Big Picture of my life. It’s hard to explain it, but the more I get my life together on the inside, the more it starts to reflect itself on the outside in my surroundings and my environment. The kitchen counter has a little more space. The meals are easy to prepare, delicious, and the clean up isn’t a chore. I went through all of the boxes of Christmas decorations, delighted to see some that in the last ten years I haven’t had a chance to see. I emptied the boxes, decorated the house and tree, and reorganized them!

Big bills are due this time of the year. Somehow I’m able to keep track of them and not get overwhelmed like I usually do.

My email has so much junk in it from every electronic transaction I ever had–people want to sent me emails once a week from their businesses! But I wade through it, erasing five hundred of such unwanted emails to find the one I really needed to see.

The garden is productive. I’m getting to understand it a little better too. It’s like the rhythm of the new house are starting to fit. I’m no longer embarrassed to let people see what the background looks like when I am on a zoom conference call. The holiday preparations are well underway. I have gifts for the people who need them. The cards I look forward to completing but I did send some out this year. 

Today is a miracle. Why? Because when one door is closing, another is opening up for my work opportunities. Elective cases are being canceled due to the high volume of the Covid. The way my work schedules me, I barely get to work when there is a full OR schedule. But now, today, I have a new opportunity, still anesthesia, and I was so excited I could barely sleep.

God’s timing doesn’t have schedules and timelines and to do lists. It’s more like working with your Guides, and going with the flow. 

I’ve been reading Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips book, For Reasons Of National Security. It is excellent reading for these changing times. The book is available on her website, TranceFormation I think is the name of it…here is the link. Like they say, wisdom and love are much stronger than any evil. 

Remember Ross and I (mostly me lol) are working on the website still. If anything happens, and our social media are down–already there is shadow banning

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Title: Imperceptable
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Published Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2020 12:49:00 +0000

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