When you have an open heart, and are sincere, when you seek answers, they are given! You just stumble across them in your path and they are exactly what you need!

Ross says to back track a minute. I’ve been fighting a sore throat and sleepiness all last week. Fortunately, Friday was the only day I worked.  I struggle to fight through the clutter and chaos in the home. It really is a full time job. Anthony just lets things drop wherever, and to be honest, when I am working, I do that too.  Yesterday I cleaned up the counter in the kitchen where we can sit and eat, and also, the area by the chairs. We have totally random things there, two vacuum cleaners, a football, old mail, backpacks from outings that aren’t emptied, stuff like that. Our new home is very ‘open’, which means at the same time, ‘there’s not lots of room to put things’.  But I cleaned and I swept and I cooked late into the night. I was happy to see the results of my efforts. 

I’ve been struggling to figure Trump out. 

I’ve watched the Oliver Stone documentary on the US, and I’ve seen the ‘hidden hand’ that controls everything, and even, how some presidents have so much in common–across party lines even. It’s the same NWO agenda marching forward…Democrat…Republican…it doesn’t matter. 

Part of me guessed that we are to be controlled, one way or another, the question is, ‘whose way?’.

It made me sad. 

Then I found this article by Cathy O’Brien. I actually listened to her podcast. To hear her voice saying this is so life-affirming! In a world where they tell us–and her–that evil is good and good is evil–she shines the Truth on both what is truly evil, and again, what is truly good. As Mark Phillips says, ‘It’s not who you support, what is more important is who supports us.’

It’s real.

It’s totally real, the stories are the same–from my immediate past life, from Kathy, from Kerth, from the young Mormon singer we saw her video long time ago–and from these two women:

Elizabeth’s story (about six minutes) Mikayla’s story (about ten minutes) Chad’s story (about ten minutes) Ross and I know that these truths are difficult. That is why we are providing a sort of ‘intermission’–short happy things everyone can relate to…then there’s one last one if you’re interested, but it reinforces the whole lesson. INTERMISSIONgirl makes dolphin laugh (1 minute) cat talks to himself in the mirror (three minutes) 1958 film on American Accents (about thirty minutes) Back to the lesson: The last one is an apt description of the forces that align with the movements of the ‘Hidden hand’ which directs our society. Ross said it was okay for me to resume reading about the thirteen

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