We used to have a saying in medical school. You can learn ANYTHING in three days. 

You really could.

What is a day?

Some are good days. Some are bad days. 

Yesterday was an especially difficult call. When I thought the work was over, more work came in. Again and again. Difficult, risky anesthesia cases, although the surgery was straightforward, sometimes the patients have certain constellations of problems that make anesthesia care more complex. 

At times I felt like it was a never-ending parade of energies that just wanted to shake me to my core and mess with me. To see how ‘loving’ I could be in all situations. 

For patient confidentiality I wish I could share more, but I can’t.

In the end, it’s just another day. And perhaps come payday I’ll be glad I worked as hard as I did. 

I came across a wonderful prayer which I highly recommend, it’s from Friedborg…I want to call her her old name, but I’m sure you know her, she’s awesome, and here is the link: A prayer for our times.

I’d also like to thank the angels who reached out and through them I was reminded how Creator loves me…for those of you who answered the call…thank you and I couldn’t have made it through my shift without your listening to Spirit.  I was in a bad way for a while there. Thank you.


Everything happens for the best. I’d like to tell you a little about Carla’s work situation. Her boss sat her down for the ‘Devil’s Deal’–if she would take OB call she could be Full Time. 

Carla had not been told she would work fifty percent, this was decided without her, and the boss said it was to make the scheduling easier. 

Carla said, ‘well, at fifty percent how will I be able to pay the bills?’

He assured her she would, and that he knows how much everyone makes, and working part time she wasn’t that far behind the others who worked full time. 

Carla stood her ground with him on that ‘deal-making’. She politely said her priority at the time is her son, and with his age, he needs her home more and more. Perhaps when he’s in college they can revisit it. It’s just the way it is.

Deep down, she knows once she says yes to OB, then she can never say ‘no’, and it’s a hostile work environment. Carla is traumatized from the treatment (abuse) she had while doing her job on the labor deck.  If she said ‘no’ to OB then it would be ‘no’ to the job. 

Carla is calm in me. Carla knew her boss picked the time he was alone with her, and she was post-call (he didn’t know she’d been up all night), and vulnerable.

Sometimes you have to be your own best defense, and stick to your guns.

Remember in the words of Hope Johnson,

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