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In the quest for Enlightenment, the “swift” lightning path is Vajrayana. The key reason it is the fast path is its step-by-step structure — with teachings organized carefully into proven systems. One of these is Lamrim — the lamp of the Path.

H.H. the Dalai Lama explains why the step-by-step approach is also the “fast” path:

“What distinguishes it … is its scope and clarity. It expounds the entire path from the way one should rely on a spiritual teacher, which is the very root, right up to the attainment of buddhahood, which is the final fruit. The various stages of the path are presented so clearly and systematically that they can be easily understood and are inspiring to put into practice.” [1]


Buddhist Teachers are universal in their enthusiasm for Lamrim. Venerable Zasep Rinpoche, who frequently teaches Lamrim — and is teaching a Zoom retreat in Lamrim November 29 – December 13 2020 (details below) — is always enthusiastic when describing Lamrim:

“Lam Rim is essence of 84,000.00 Dharmas! It is the gradual path to Enlightenment Buddhahood! Lam Rim was introduced by Atisha Dipamkara, the great enlightened Buddhist master to Tibet. The lineage of Gelug Lam Rim teachings so helpful and powerful for our everyday life how to overcome our suffering and how to generate care, love and compassion for others and how to live in the world with peace and dignity.”


Lama Tsongkhapa’s great three-volume work Lamrim Chenmo is available as an English volume in hardcover, softcover and e-book. (See below.) It is considered to be the most complete step-by-step commentary on Lamrim from the Gelug point-of-view.


Details on the online Lamrim Retreat personally taught by the Venerable Zasep Rinpoche November 29 to December 13, 2020, visit Gaden for the West events page>


The metaphor for Lamrim is a well-mapped path. The illustration is of Taming the Elephant as an illustration of taming the mind.


The Fast Path?

It seems counter-intuitive, to some, that the great lineage teachers, from Atisha through to Lama Tsongkhapa, recommend

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By: Lee Kane
Title: Lamrim: the fast “mapped” path to Buddhist realizations: “It expounds the entire path” — Dalai Lama
Sourced From: buddhaweekly.com/lamrim-the-fast-mapped-path-to-buddhist-realizations-it-expounds-the-entire-path-dalai-lama/
Published Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 23:15:14 +0000

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