This morning right before I woke up, I had a visit with my Uncle Ben. He showed me where he lay in his desert house, during his long illness. It was the bedroom in the back, on the left. He explained to me his vision was poor, he had cataracts and retinal problems from his diabetes. His wife and her family didn’t let him get it fixed and get medical care. I also had trouble seeing his legs and it’s possible he had some gangrene and amputations towards the end. When it was hard for him to breathe–he had been like that for a few years–they took him to the hospital and that was that. I’m not sure if it was the Covid. He made it sound like it was heart failure. He had infection and his blood sugar was way up when he went to the VA hospital.

I drove to the Riverside Military Cemetery with Anthony yesterday after school. Traffic there is known to be horrendous. We took a back route in. And we were able to have a picnic with Uncle Ben before sunset when the cemetery closed. 

After dropping off Anthony at school, I stopped by not one but two stores to get his favorite treats. The hardest one was the one he wanted most, the Corn Nuts. It was so good to know where he is, and to be free to see him, in spite of his widow and her cruel, evil ways to my grandmothers, my uncle, and the rest of the family. Ross explained to us that she wasn’t ‘bad’, she was ‘really mixed up in a bad way’ and not to judge her. Spirit told me that her relatives would cannibalize her for her money the way she did my grandmother and uncle. 

Note how it says Free Spirit, Gone but not Forgotten. No ‘loving husband’. No ‘loving brother, Uncle, son’. It takes a lot of nerve not to write that on a gravestone. 

You can see the food we left him, it’s blended into the grass so no one can see. It’s military so they set limits on what you can place there. We left the Christmas tree, for the holidays…

We are in a sunset time for our society.

The most recent Ben Fulford — always to be taken with a grain of salt — does support my suspicion that perhaps the right and the left are working together to usher in the NWO. Perhaps the right is controlled opposition so that if the right knew what was up,

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