We’ve all thought about death. What will my death look like? The more important question that death doula Alua Arthur poses is “What must I do to be at peace with myself so that I may die gracefully?” It’s a good question that we should all ask ourselves and not wait until we are in hospice or palliative care. End of life care can include hiring a death doula – someone who will answer all your questions, ease your anxiety, take care of all the loose ends before, during and after death.

Death and dying is not for the weary. Aside from the emotional roller coaster that the person and the person’s family is on, there are many practical items that need to get done. Was there advance care planning done? Are there advance care directives? What about funeral plans? You don’t want to be answering these questions as death is happening. You want to be able to be fully present with your loved one.

Death doula Alua Arthur brings humor and love to a topic that we don’t like to talk about but that we think about for sure

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Holistic News Team
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