Today we celebrate the ties between ourselves and loved ones, near and far. We remember those who have passed and give thanks for everything that has transpired in our existence. We celebrate with food and companionship, tradition and delight.

I’ve been doing much deep thinking over the past few weeks, and have come to the following conclusions:

youth does not need to be occupied in the classroom in the most important years of their lives. We will be able to return to more liberty when computers can carry on more of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of society. Children should be allowed their freedom to explore and learn about the world around them.the family is an excellent teacher for our youth. This is where life skills and trades are handed down generation to generation.information is a weapon–we are deluged with it–and it’s not good for the human spirit. Look at the amount of spam and sales-oriented email that clogs up your inbox. It’s horrible and a drag on the spirit. It takes hours to keep up.Furthermore, the electronic age with notifications and the expectation for instantaneous responses also is intrusive into our lives and our happiness. This is another aspect of the information war.Family is everything. Society must support the family, and our lifestyles need to change to permit appreciation of the precious ties between us. Change is coming. Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you. There’s no going back. Too much disruption has taken place. Instead, accept this, and look forward to building and maintaining the relationships and lifestyle which is important to you. Anything can happen. So focus on what YOU want and what works for YOU.  For example, I’m giving away half of a weekend call. I need the time, personally, and even though it’s lots of money going to someone else, I know my limits. I need something to look forward to. And also, to keep myself from being worn out. My relapse of the diverticulitis is better. I’m going to need to change my lifestyle to include both more fiber and more exercise. A lot. And that’s okay. In the meantime, Ross and I would like to share some very exciting news with you: these aren’t weighty scientific journals, that they would even be published at all is an encouraging sign. I’ve been meditating on returning my illnesses to the original blueprint of health. I’ve heard that some people have reversed major illnesses with such meditation over time, daily meditation of like an hour for a year and a half.

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Holistic News Team
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