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Green Tara is a deity of the “heart.” While all the Buddhas can be seen as Oneness and Omniscient — and therefore practicing one Buddha can be seen as practicing all Buddhas —there is something “precious,” personal and wondrous about the Wisdom Compassion Buddha Noble Green Tara.

“Tara sees all sentient beings as her only child,” said His Holiness Sakya Trizin. “Every mother loves her child, particularly those mothers with only one child. In their minds, they are constantly thinking about that child, the welfare and well-being of that child. Tara has such great compassion and such great love that all sentient beings are her only child, without any discrimination or exception.” [3]

For many years, three times a day, I have chanted the short prayer “A Song of Longing for Tara, the Infallible,” written by Lama Lobsang Tenpey Gyaltsen, and translated to English by the great Lama Thubten Yeshe. After thousands of recitations, I still adore this “song” in the same way I adore Mother Tara. This song begins:

“From my heart I bow to Divine Mother Tara, essence of love and compassion, the most precious objects of refuge gathered into one. From now until I reach enlightenment, hook me with your great love and kindness to liberate me.”

To millions of Buddhists, Tara has indeed hooked us with her “great love and kindness.”


A cropped section of a stunning thangka of Chittimani Tara, the Highest Yoga Tantra aspect of Green Tara, by Jampay Dorje (Ben Christian). See this feature interview with this amazing artist in Buddha Weekly>


Mommy Tara’s “star” Popularity

Green Tara’s kind face. Tara is known as Tara the Rescuer.

Tara, of course, is probably the most popular Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism — the literal “star” amongst the Enlightened deities. Her name can also be translated as “Star.” She is at the same time “Mommy Tara” and “Mind Jewel Tara” — Chittimani Tara. Why do so many adore Tara? Even if your practice Yidam is another Buddha, chances are Tara shares mind space and altar space with your personal contemplation deity. It is the adoration of a child for a mother.

She has been called the “Mother of All the Buddhas” by many teachers through many lineages. This is not just because Tara, as the Female Divine, represents Wisdom — and

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By: Lee Kane
Title: Longing for Tara — “Hook me with your great love and kindness to liberate me…”
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