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Mindfulness is an important practice in virtually all schools of Buddhist thought, and in one form or another, most Buddhists practice it. From formal Chan practice, such as archery or KungFu practice in Shaolin, to facing the wall meditation, to active mindful chore meditation, to mantra or sutta recitation, to simple things like making offerings—all are methods of practicing mindfulness. There are many types of meditation, that could be categorized into two purposes:

Settling and calming the mind: mindfulness (of breathing, of mind, of the present moment, etc) — good for general health and well-beingActivating the mind: visualizations, including visualizing Buddhas and chanting mantras — good for the mind, cognitive development and prevent cognitive decline.

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[Science of Meditation: peer reviewed research>


Meditation is good for you — at any age.


Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

There are manifold benefits to practice, not least of which are abandoning the clinging to the past and the worry about the future, both of which are the path of suffering. Daily practice, inexorably takes us to a place where lofty ideas like enlightened thinking is actually possible.

Personally, I find mindfulness practice has many other benefits beyond the main purpose of practice. It inspires courage by removing the worry about the future. What is there to be afraid of when you are in the present moment? It improves concentration in all tasks, making you more productive at work or play. It makes you much more attentive, making you a real blessing to your family and friends.


Meditation with a mala on Buddhis Mantras is healthy
Meditation with a mala on Buddhis Mantras is healthy, not only for the spiritual being, but for the body.


Mindfulness Proven to Reduce Stress

The most commonly mentioned benefit of mindfulness training—the very reason it is studied at every major medical university and used in psychiatry practice—is the known link between mindfulness and benefits to health through reduction of stress. To this, I can

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By: Josephine Nolan
Title: Meditation is Good For You: A How To, the Research of Benefits and the Two Main Types of Meditation
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Published Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2020 00:45:09 +0000

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