The anger, fear and anxiety is palpable online and off. The decades of systematic racism and ignorance has hit a tipping point that we hope will create substantial change for communities and societies not only in the U.S. but worldwide as well. This is not solely an American problem.

But as we navigate these stormy waters, this is a critical time to make sure we are creating mindful spaces in our conscious minds. We often neglect self-care but these are the times when we need it most. Mindful meditation practices such as sleep meditation, guided meditation, calm meditation, deep breathing, gratitude, body scan meditation – whatever works for you, just take some quiet time for yourself. Make sure you make room for loving kindness meditation. Why? Because when your mind is calm, you can make clear and focused decisions not based on reactions to anger, fear or anxiety.

I did this interview with Certified Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Expert, Michelle Maldonado, pre-Covid but her words are more important now than ever. She walks us through how neurologically we are wired to behave certain ways but how we can change that through mindfulness and meditation.

Michelle conducted a 6 part Mindfulness-based workshop on Living and Loving Through Change for Modern Aging that I invite you to watch on our YouTube Channel.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Moving From Fear To Empowerment

Embracing The Now

Ways To Connect During Physical Distancing

Establish Routine and Resources

Managing Now While Preparing For What’s Next



The Emotion Code | By Dr. Bradley Nelson

How Emotions Are Made | By Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett

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